Why is Digital Marketing important?

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing, also known as Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, or e-marketing, can be defined as the use of digital technologies in order to reach specific marketing objectives. Why is Digital Marketing important? First of all, using digital technologies to advertise creates an additional channel through which potential customers can reach you. […]

Notegraphy Introduction

Are you a Instagram or a Pinterest fan? You wish you were able to express your creativity in a visually-friendly way? You would like a platform that allows you to enter your own text, and then beautify it and transform it into an ad-like print? Then your prays have been answered; Notegraphy is here! Notegraphy […]

The State of Video Marketing in 2013

What is the state of online video today? How much money do marketers spend on video ads & what do the forecasts show? How mobile social apps like Instagram & Vine affect the use of video marketing? Find all the answers at this video by Uberflip.

Facebook‘s New Look

Once again, Facebook is working on new updates in order to enhance the platform’s design, and the whole browsing experience. According to the company, this change is fueled by the users’ need for more control over the stories they see. Redesigning the stories After this upcoming update, the users will be able to select the […]

Pinterest: The next best thing for eCommerce?

What is Pinterest? “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire you.” This is how Pinterest’s people describe the platform, which was launched in March of 2010. How does Pinterest work? Pinterest users can “pin” (upload) images and videos, known as pins on their collections known as “boards”. Each user’s boards […]

Why you should adapt to Mobile Marketing

How does Mobile Marketing affect a company’s value proposition? How does Mobile impact your Digital destinations? Is your company adapting to Mobile Marketing? How should you adapt your Marketing to Mobile? How can you connect with multi-screening audiences? Find all the answers in the Mobile Playbook by GOOGLE and in a very fun and interactive […]

The Importance of Colour

Colour has a great impact on human emotions & behaviour, thus it should be carefully selected as part of your branding, to make sure you pass the right messages to your prospective clients. Below you can find what several popular colours stand for.            

Types of Digital Media Channels

As you may already know, there are many different forms of Digital Marketing. One of the most popular forms is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is classified as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). SEO has to do with adding special content to a website which is readable by Search Engines’ Bots. Click here […]