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Interesting Pinterest Facts (2019)
Interesting Pinterest Facts (2019)
By Lydia Grigoriadou In Social Media Posted May 15, 2019 0 Comments

Pinterest has 250 million monthly users. (Source: Pinterest)
There’s currently 175 billion Pins. (Source: Pinterest)
Over 2 billion searches happen on Pinterest every month and nearly 85% of them happen on mobile. (Source: Pinterest)
29% of US adults use Pinterest. (Source: SproutSocial)

1.5 million businesses are currently on Pinterest. (Source: Pinterest)
78% of people on Pinterest say content from brands is useful. (Source: Pinterest)

84% use Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy, 77% have discovered a new brand or product and 98% have tried something new they found on Pinterest. (Source: Pinterest)

People on Pinterest rate ads on Pinterest 1.4 times more relevant and useful than those on other platforms. (Source: Pinterest)
50% have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin. (Source: SproutSocial)