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Notegraphy Introduction
Notegraphy Introduction

Are you a Instagram or a Pinterest fan?
You wish you were able to express your creativity in a visually-friendly way?
You would like a platform that allows you to enter your own text, and then beautify it and transform it into an ad-like print?
Then your prays have been answered; Notegraphy is here!

Notegraphy is a new web and mobile application that allows users to type in their text, and then select & apply one of the (currently 26) pre-defined styles to it. And the best news is you can enter as much text as you like, there is no word limitation!
Hence, you can type from a word or a slogan, to a story or an essay!

Once you finish with the customization, you can publish your work to the galleries, and simultaneously share it across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr. Additionally, you can e-mail it or share it through other apps, such as What’s App.