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Facebook‘s New Look
Facebook‘s New Look
By Lydia Grigoriadou In Facebook, Social Media Posted December 6, 2013 0 Comments

Once again, Facebook is working on new updates in order to enhance the platform’s design, and the whole browsing experience. According to the company, this change is fueled by the users’ need for more control over the stories they see.

Redesigning the stories

After this upcoming update, the users will be able to select the kind of news they want to see, and who they should come from, allowing them to focus on news & sources they find more interesting.

The new release will include photostories, article previews, and maps in an attempt to bring the stories to life.

Unifying the Facebook experience

One more important change is that Facebook is working on unifying the experience across all platforms, having the same look & functionality on desktops, mobiles & tablets.

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